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C. 2016 Julia Kelly

“The next morning, walking down to Tom's, Luna sighed loudly, her mind still on the events of the day before. Her father had given his blessing for Quinn Fletcher to take her as his second wife, her, over Evelyn Tucker and everyone else.

And Eli, begging  her to ask Josh for a job. What if Josh didn't remember her? Maybe he wouldn't be the one coming back to do the drilling. Then Luna's thoughts went elsewhere as she came upon the dairy, but she obeyed her father and  walked slowly by it, hoping Abe would see her and come out. But he didn't, and there was no sign of Enoch. Luna quickened her steps, hearing a rhythm as her shoes dragged across the red dirt, Quinn, Enoch, Quinn, Enoch, then she stopped, sighed out loud and whispered the name that was the farthest away from her...Josh.

Moonflower Page


(Available Early 2015